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Family Photos

 A few months back I had the opportunity to have a mother/daughter portrait session with  Kelli Wilke .  I just received the pictures and to say that I absolutely love them would be an understatement!  I may be slightly obsessed!  She is so, so talented and was really great to work with. As a mom, I am almost always the one behind the camera.  And, as much as I love taking pictures and capturing those memories, I also think that it is important to have pictures together.  My own mother passed away when I was 16 years old.  I don't have a ton of pictures of us together, but I truly treasure those snapshots that I do have.  There is nothing that can replace them. Some people find it silly or frivolous to spend money on professional portraits, and that's OK.  But, I think that it is so important that we get in the pictures with our families.  Even if it's just a quick selfie, get in the picture!  Even if you are insecure about the way you look, get in the picture!  Even if it&