Let's talk Masks.

 Let's talk masks...

I know...They're uncomfortable and not the most stylish thing to wear.  Nobody likes to wear them.  But, there are a lot of things that we do on a regular basis that we don't like to do (I'm looking at you, laundry.)

Even if you don't believe that masks offer any protection, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't wear one.  Even if they don't help (they do), and you never come into contact with someone with Covid, is it worth the risk?  And just because you might not die if infected with the virus, is that your only goal?  To not die?  That's like saying you won't wear a seat belt because you probably won't die in a car crash.

Where I live, masks have been required in public for month and people are still whining about it.  The most common thing that I hear is that people who are "scared" should just stay home.  I'd argue that those who don't want to follow the rules should stay home.  I mean, some people don't want to wear clothes.  That doesn't mean that they can go into the local grocery store naked.

Just wear a mask.  Please and thank you.


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